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Benefits Of Red & Blue Light Therapy

01 Nov, 2019

The Beaming Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit comes with a combination of red and blue LED lights. Read below to learn more about the benefits of each!

New studies suggest the extensive benefits of red and blue light therapy for the enhancement of your overall oral health.

Let’s dive deep into each.

Red Light Therapy for Teeth

The light therapy uses red LED to help improve oral health effectively. This therapy requires the use of the right wavelength, ranging between 600-1000nm, to show effective results. Otherwise, it may not show more effectiveness than other oral care methods such as flossing and tooth brushing.

Studies associate red light therapy to various oral health care benefits, including:

Overall Oral Hygiene

Studies shows that red light therapy at a specific wavelength range, 600-1000nm, destroys oral bacteria such as lactobacilli and staphylococcus. These bacteria can cause oral degeneration, and light therapy helps prevent it.

Prevents Tooth Sensitivity

We don't have to tell you how tooth sensitivity affects your lifestyle, preventing you from enjoying sweet foods and hot coffee.

Studies suggest that red light therapy reduces tooth sensitivity because it improves the effectiveness and speed of dentinogenesis. 

Reduces Toothache

Studies claim that red LED therapy is more useful to prevent and minimize toothache than regular painkillers. The therapy kills the bacteria causing pain, and also treat the causes of tooth infection.

Heals Bone and Gum Damage

Your teeth and bones supporting them get damaged due to natural decay, surgery, or any other reason. By speeding up dentinogenesis, red light therapy also heals the other parts of the mouth.

Moreover, the therapy also reduces the risk of bones and gums inflammation. The use of red LED therapy strengthens periodontal bones and improves bone density.

Blue Light Therapy for Teeth Whitening

Are your teeth yellow? Want to make your teeth as white as those your favorite celebrities have?

It is possible with our blue LED light and ultra-gentle whitening formula! Experts recommend blue light therapy for effective teeth whitening and restore your bright smile in a short time.

Blue light therapy uses a device or lamp that emits blue light, which helps boost the teeth whitening process. The light therapy is combined with teeth whitening agents, such as hydrogen peroxide, to speed up teeth whitening process and get excellent results. The blue light triggers the whitening agent that enters your tooth enamel to removes the stains and whiten your teeth. The light device uses less energy and doesn’t emit heat, preventing the risk of enamel damage.

The therapy is safer as compared to traditional UV light therapy and is less time-consuming. It will take up to 45 to 60 minutes to give your teeth an everlasting glow using blue light therapy.

The red and blue light therapies are the most effective yet easy solutions for complete oral health care. However, despite their benefits, you must not use light therapy at home perversely without the monitoring of a recognized dentist. The light therapy needs a specific range of wavelengths to work effectively, and not doing so may not show the desired results.

The Beaming Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit

Get the best of both worlds with the Beaming Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit. Enjoy the benefits of red & blue light therapy with our Dual LED Activation Light. Click here to shop the kit now!

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